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Thursday, 17 February 2011

How to reprint a remittance advice in Dynamics GP 2010 after a payment has been posted

Hi folks
This is one we get on the helpdesk a lot, how do I reprint my remittance? Well if you have fully posted the payment the simple answer is you can't. however with the new email functionality in Dynamics GP 2010 you can, with a small work around.

Simply set the BCC email adress to a generic mail box that everyone in finance has access to. This way when ever a remittance advice is emailed out it will also go to this addresses inbox. then if you need to re print it you simply go to the generic inbox and forward or print. This gets round the issue of the sent items being in indervidual outlook accounts for each staff member.


  1. Our checks print 12 lines. If we have a 13th or more lines it is supposed to print a remittance. However, our just continue to print them on the next check and throws the alignment off for the rest of the run. Where do we turn on the remittance feature and stop having it continuing to print on the next check?

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  4. how do you even set up emailing a remittance?

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