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Friday, 11 February 2011

New support tools...The Smart Phone

We have started to see a new trend on the helpdesk, screen shots of error messages are being replaced by pictures taken with users smart phones and emailed to the helpdesk. It would seem that some clients find this easier and more convenient.
However this has started a discussion on the helpdesk and as prone to flights of fantasy as we normally are this idea actually seems to have merit.
How about a support app for your windows 7 or iphone that could take screen shots package them up and send them to your service supplier's helpdesk (where if they are using Dynamics CRM ) it could be automatically picked up and turned into a support case.
We believe there would be a lot of mileage in this, as it is we now have a sweepstake running on when we receive the first avi clip of an entire process culminating with the error.

If anyone does write the app we would be interested.

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