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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Management reporter not warning me to save.

Hi Folks

Quick tip for MR, unlike FRX it will not always warn you to save changes when logining out, there is a Tick box under tools options which alows you to set  MR to warn you.

The tick box is " Display confirmation before exiting Management reporter"

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Emailing POs using new GP2010 word templates

Hi Folks

Below are a few things to keep in mind when upgrading reports to Dynamics GP 2010 if you want them to work with the templates and email functionality (Also check out previous posts for required fields).

To ensure that Purchase Orders can be emailed out of GP2010 using the new word templates, the GP report in report writer must contain the following:

  1. The purchase order number from the PO Document list table
  2. Section additional header 1 based on the above field
  3. Section additional footer 1 based on the above field

The word template will work OK without the above, but it will not email.

Most likely to be a problem In old upgraded reports from versions prior to Dynamics GP 2010

Andy Hall

Monday, 8 August 2011

Management reporter migration wizard (FRx)

Hi folks, another quick Management reporter tip.

We have now done a fair few Management reporter upgrades/migrations from FRx. originally we had a few issues with the migration tool. However in the latest release (sp2) this now functions a lot better. However it will not bring across account sets or security. these will need to be re added manually.

Management reporter and segment names

Hi folks its been very busy here of late and so the blog has taken a back seat ( if you want to know why we have been so busy type "Calyx touchstone" into bing and see what you get).

Anyway there are a few tips and discoveries to catch up on,

If the account segments in Dynamics GP aren’t named (so called segment1, 2, 3, etc) and you write your reports in MR with this format, if and when at a later date you decide to name your segments to something else (location, division etc), the reports will come back with no data.

To get round this you can do an edit/ replace on segment1 (2,3) with whatever your new segment descriptions are and your Management reporter reports will then function again, these do not update dynamically in MR when you change them in GP.