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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Emailing POs using new GP2010 word templates

Hi Folks

Below are a few things to keep in mind when upgrading reports to Dynamics GP 2010 if you want them to work with the templates and email functionality (Also check out previous posts for required fields).

To ensure that Purchase Orders can be emailed out of GP2010 using the new word templates, the GP report in report writer must contain the following:

  1. The purchase order number from the PO Document list table
  2. Section additional header 1 based on the above field
  3. Section additional footer 1 based on the above field

The word template will work OK without the above, but it will not email.

Most likely to be a problem In old upgraded reports from versions prior to Dynamics GP 2010

Andy Hall


  1. How true. I found out about this a few weeks ago when I used our modified report to create the Word Template. The template itself worked fine, but we could not get the document to email. A Microsoft representative told me about this (but not the detail you explain, so thank you for the explanation) and stated that if our modified report was created in an older version of GP (ours was several versions old) that the email functionality probably would not work with the older modified version. I then created it from the standard GP 2010 and modified in Report Writer then the template. Took a few hours, but the email functionality now works. At least this issue does not exist on the SOP side. Your post is great and hopefully, a lot of new users will read so they are aware.

  2. This issue does exist in the SOP side as well. If the addtional header one or the footer one is not referrencing the correct table, word template will work, emailing will not.

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