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Thursday, 7 October 2010

How to free a marked batch without SQL in Dynamics GP

We have just had a call on the helpdesk where the client said “ I have one of those stuck batches, can you stream in and free it in SQL?”.

It occurred to me that we have all become so use to freeing batches marked for posting in Dynamics GP by diving straight into SQL that we have forgotten the lessons we learned back in version 5 when the product was eEnterprise or Dynamics and the manufacturer was Great Plains.

Back then when Dynamics GP was young, the fastest dial up was a 64k modem and we used frustratingly slow software like PC Anywhere to remote access client sites, so we tried to do as much through the front end, over the phone as possible before taking the sql option.

One of these little tricks was master posting. If a receivables batch was showing as marked for posting, but no one had and so could not be accessed, the first stop would be master posting under routines. Here it would usually be showing as available despite showing as marked under receivables batches. To free it up all you needed to do was mark it for posting in master posting and then unmark it. Go back into receivables batches and there it was ready to post.

Well I just tried this on a Dynamics GP version 10 install and guess what, it still works.

So there you have it, how to free up a batch marked for posting without diving into SQL.


  1. i just dove into sql and resolved this and then found this article. geez, so much easier then going into sql.

  2. It works!! Thank you for this blog!

  3. Nice trick! I'm comfortable working in SQL but this was much simpler.

  4. The batch I have stuck as marked is from Purchasing and when I go into Master Posting the batch I need to mark/unmark is not there. Any ideas what to do now?

    1. This is my issued too - did you ever get a response or resolution?

    2. It works. Thank you so much for the posting!

  5. I am sooooooo grateful for this post! Worked like a charm!!!

  6. I have this issue too but my batch is in Purchasing and does not show up in the MASTER POSTING window and we don't use Sql. Any ideas

  7. W O W and O M G!!!!! Thank you for this easy fix even though it took me weeks to find! God bless you.