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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dynamics GP 2010 word templates and required fields to allow emailing or why won’t my modified word template email.

Hi folks this is one we have discovered the hard way. This issue only occurs when you use a modified report as the basis for a word template. In our case it was the remittance advice.

We modified the word template as per the instructions at the end of the Dynamics (GP) 2010 report writer manual. The template was pickup up fine and brought to screen and displayed properly when running the report. The word document could be printed etc. but it would not email.

We talked to Microsoft about this and they advised us that they had had several cases recently where certain fields missing from certain parts of the template had prevented the application identifying the vendor.

Using this as a starting point vendor ID was the obvious place to start looking , however we did have VendorID on the report.

What we discovered was this.

The report writer report needs the VENDORID field from pmRemittancetmp table to be placed anywhere in the report.

Our report used the VENDORID from PM Payment Work in the RH section, we replaced it and all then emailed correctly.

So you need to be careful when modifying reports that you intend to use in a word template, one vendorid is not as good as another. We can also surmise that this is true for many of the other reports.

As and when we find out what the other key fields are on the other reports we will update this blog, in the mean time if you discover any feel free to update the comments.