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Friday, 1 October 2010

Creating new companies in Dynamics GP, what tables should I copy?

Well the simple answer is don’t, most people don’t realize that you no longer need to DTS setup information into a new company from table to table or even import chart of accounts with integration manager.

We get asked this one a lot on the helpdesk as creating a new company is not something most systems administrators do regularly.

There is a copy company setup tool which will do this for you, simply tick what you want it to copy across. Versions 9 and 10 can be downloaded from automated solutions on the following link{04AF87A8-8FD9-4BE5-9140-7B34BB2DA5C0}&NRORIGINALURL=/customersource/support/selfsupport/automatedsolutions&NRCACHEHINT=Guest&wa=wsignin1.0

and version 2010 is included in the PSTL tool kit.

It is a lot simpler than using DTS, a word of warning though , be careful when copying company or system specific information you can create redundant entries in tables.

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