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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Un applying Historical RM Invoices in Dynamics GP

This question comes up a lot and I saw it come through our helpdesk again today so I thought a blog post was in order.

The RM side of Dynamics GP behaves slightly differently to the PM side in that fully applied payments do not automatically move to history. The paid transaction removal process needs to be run on the RM side to achieve this. This also means that once the routine has been run you can not un apply the now historical invoices within Dynamics GP.

So how do you un apply a historical invoice in receivables management?

You basically have three options.

1.       Down load the Professional services tools library (PSTL) which is now free from version 10 onwards and use the Receivables transactions un apply feature.  This will move the records back to open  and you can then re apply them as required.

2.       Post reversing transactions. You would need to post a credit note for the original invoice and a debit note for the payment. These will then need to be applied to each other (and sent to history). You will then need to re enter the original invoice and the payment again and this time apply appropriately.  If you are using the bank rec module as well, you may need to void any cash receipt separately within bank rec.

3.       Use the Remove transaction History utility in Dynamics GP to completely remove the invoice and the payment and re enter them.

I would not really recommend option 3 and have only mentioned it here to cover all the bases.

With all of these options I would suggest doing it in the test company first (having restored a back up from your LIVE into it)

I would also recommend doing a back up of your LIVE company database before doing any of the above options in Live.

PSTL can be downloaded from :


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

32766 maximum row export to excel from smartlists in Dynamics GP2013

Hi Folks

This issue was causing us some concern and we could not find any reference to it on any forum or partnersource so now we have an answer, I thought I would put it on the blog so the rest of the community was aware and maybe save some people some serious head scratching.

The issue is this, when exporting to excel from Dynamics GP 2013 smartlists it was crashing out when reaching row 32766.

All the DEX developers out there are now going “oh , Oh , 32766, that’s the maximum integer value in Dex” and you would be right. Here in lies the problem, the smartlist code in Dynamics GP2013 has been rewritten to speed it up. It used to do it line by line but it is now casting to an integer.

The folks at Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support have been great helping us with this (thanks folks you're all stars) and it has now been written up as a change request and sent to development.

I’ll update the blog when we get a date, however in the mean time you just need to be aware this limitation exists.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cheque (check for US readers) Remittance word template not emailing from Dynamics GP

Here is an interesting set of circumstances one of my team came across. The word template for the cheque (check) remittance in Dynamics GP 2010 sp3 would print but not email. We had the vendor id field from the pmRemittanceTemp file on the report layout but the word template was still not emailing.

The clue to the issue was that the exception report was not showing the supplier id’s we were expecting to be emailed.

In the end it was traced to the fact that the report writer version of the report had had the “Payment Number” additional footer removed. Once this was replaced the templates emailed fine.

So to sum up , to be able to email the Cheque (Check) Remittance word template you must retain the “Payment number” additional footer.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: title Value when switching navigation pages in GP2013

Hi Folks

I have been fairly quiet for a while on the blogging front however with the roll out of GP2013 there is  now a whole raft of new features and the odd issue that have prompted me to start typing.

We have experienced an issue with navigation pages and according to the forums a few other people out there have come across the same. In GP2013 when switching to certain navigation pages the user may get an error message saying "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: title Value", you may then be forced to crash out of GP (this does not seem to happen every time).

According to the forum post, Microsoft were tentatively looking at putting a fix in SP1. However SP1 has been released and the fix did not make it in in time. All is not lost though there are a couple of workarounds available.

·         You can run the following SQL script, this will temporarily solve the issue, however it may re occur and you will need to run the script again.
Delete DYNAMICS..SY07140 where CMDDICTID = 1

·         On the Splash/Home page of the module in which this occurs, if you click into the 'Customise this page' link you will see a blank module which is ticked. Un-tick the mystery option, and the error will go away. However, the blank option remains in the list...(and the error won’t always allow you to get to the customise this page option).

Microsoft are working on a fix and I’ll update this blog when we know a release date.

Since publishing this article it would now appear that the fix has been included in SP1 (Conflicting information from two different engineers). I have confirmed this with our TSAM , full details can be obtained from the below Knowledgebase article: