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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cheque (check for US readers) Remittance word template not emailing from Dynamics GP

Here is an interesting set of circumstances one of my team came across. The word template for the cheque (check) remittance in Dynamics GP 2010 sp3 would print but not email. We had the vendor id field from the pmRemittanceTemp file on the report layout but the word template was still not emailing.

The clue to the issue was that the exception report was not showing the supplier id’s we were expecting to be emailed.

In the end it was traced to the fact that the report writer version of the report had had the “Payment Number” additional footer removed. Once this was replaced the templates emailed fine.

So to sum up , to be able to email the Cheque (Check) Remittance word template you must retain the “Payment number” additional footer.


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