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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Category Lookup blank from Account Maintenance Dynamics GP 2018

Here is an odd one we have come across on a couple of sites now.

When creating a new account in the Account Maintenance window for Dynamics GP2018 you are unable to select an account Category from the category lookup.

If you select the category lookup a blank list is returned and the only options on the tool ribbon are select or cancel.

This prevents you from selecting a category (which is a required field, making this ever so awkward).

There is a work around for this, the problem appears to be with the smartlists lookup. You can get round it by going into Administration-->setup-->System-->user security-->Alternative forms and reports and selecting windows and expanding financial to Categories. Then setting the lookup to use the standard GP window rather than the smartlists.

This will still return a blank list of categories, however, this standard window has a Redisplay option , if you use the Redisplay option from the tool ribbon it will then populate the categories allowing you to select one.

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