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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dynamics GP 2010 web services and Business Portal 5 installation

Hi folks

I have spent the morning configuring sharepoint services, Dynamics GP 2010 web services etc. to install Business Portal 5.

One of the pre requisites is that Dynamics GP 2010 web services are installed before business portal 5. Having followed the wizard I was convinced that the Dynamics GP 2010 web services were installed , however the business portal 5 installation wizard could not see them.

The Business Portal 5 installation wizard suggests the URL for the Dynamics GP 2010 web services should be :


However this was not working.

The install documentation suggests the URL for Dynamics GP 2010 Web services should include the TCP/IP port (the default for Dynamics GP 2010 Web Services being 48620) as well as the web services being called DynamicsGPService.


This does not work either.

However if you combine the two using the port number from the Install guide and the naming convention from the wizard you get:


This does work and you can continue with your Business portal 5 installation for dynamics GP 2010.


  1. Thank you for your information :)

    GP Technical Consultant

  2. hi andrew,

    thanks for the info, i installed Business Portal 5.1 without the business intelligence feature. now my company asked to install the BI feature also, when i tried to install the BI feature it gave an error as

    "The Business Intelligence feature can't be installed until the Dynamics GP reports have been deployed using the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services wizard."

    but i already installed the dynamics GP reports by using the wizard.

    and i deployed the BP5.1 in one server and the reports have been deployed in another server where i am running my sql server 2008.

    can you please help me out to solve this issue.

    Thanks in Advance

  3. for setting up Connector i had to use http://serverName:48620/Dynamics/GPService/GPService

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