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Friday, 9 October 2009

Dynamics (GP) v10, unsupported printers and small fonts.

We have had a couple of cases recently where after an upgrade to Dynamics (GP) v10 , the standard reports all print out in very small fonts.
This usually happens if you are using an unsupported printer. You can request a list of supported printers from .

There are a couple of workarounds you can use for this.

The first is to try different printer drivers for a supported printer from the same range. For example HP printer drivers a pretty well interchangeable. Select the nearest model number off of the supported printer list and down load the driver from the manufacturer’s website and try these.
Nine times out of ten this will work.

We have recently discovered there is a second option you can try. In the Dex.ini file on each workstation add in the following printer commands.

FontCourier New=Lucida Console

This forces the printer to take on the above font settings, however a quick word of warning, it does not work with all printers and print drivers as they don’t all support these settings and it may not alter the output of the report (In which case you will need to experiment with drivers).

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