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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dynamics (GP) First Aid (MR MUM)

I have spent the last three days on a St John’s ambulance First Aid at Work course and I am now fully qualified to deal with those all too common work place wounds, you know the kind of thing, QWERTY shaped bruises on the forehead etc.

Anyway the First Aid procedures started me thinking that this is very similar to what we do on the helpdesk when trouble shooting an issue with Dynamics.

Within First Aid there are loads of handy acronyms to help you remember what you’re looking for and what takes priority. For instance there is DR ABC. This stands for Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation. I thought that we could benefit from something similar to make sure all the bases are covered when investigating a Dynamics issue and after several minutes of deep thought I have come up with MR MUM.

M = Multiple Instance: Does it happen all the time, is this the first time , has it happened before?

R = Replicate: Can you replicate it?

M = Machine: Is it machine specific, does it only happen on one workstation, does it happen on the server?

U = User: Is it user specific, does it happen for one user or all users or just users in a specific role or users in a specific Company?

M = Modifications: Are the screens or reports modified , does it happen if you take away access and use the unmodified objects is there VBA attached?

The answers to the above should provide the consultant with a firm basis to start trouble shooting the rest of the issue, in fact, if the answers to these questions were given at the point of case logging the resolution may present itself straight away, it would certainly speed up the triage stage of a support call.

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