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Monday, 18 January 2010

Top 5 New features Dynamics (GP) 2010 (Beta release)

The beta release of Dynamics (GP) 2010 is here.

Our Dynamics (GP) Product Manager is currently in the process of testing this new code so its to early to give you our findings as yet. However I thought I would take this opportunity to wet your appetites with some of the New features that caught our attention.

2010 is rich in new features so we thought we would do our top 5 and as is traditional with these count downs we will start at 5 and work our way up to 1.

So coming in at number 5

5.Collections Management: View unposted cash amounts

This has been one of those annoying little over sites for credit controllers , well from version 2010 unposted cash amounts are now displayed in the collections main window.

Another new entry (quite literally) at number 4

4.Receivables Management: Enter negative cash receipts

You can now decrease a deposit by entering a negative cash receipt. This shows as a deposit with a negative amount (we have had a few support cases in the past that would have been easier to resolve with this functionality).

A simple piece of functionality at number 3 , however it is one that will make a lot of people happy.

3.Exclude inactive accounts/customers/creditors/sales people etc. from lookups

If your bogged down in active accounts etc. this should make lookups and data entry so much quicker.

At number 2, the word template comes of age

2.Word templates

Predefined word templates come with 2010 from purchase orders to invoices, I have included the list below of the Report writer reports that can now be done with word templates. Good bye to those clunky report writer reports.

Report Writer report name:
SOP Blank History Options Quote Form
SOP Blank History Quote Form
SOP Blank Options Quote Form
SOP Blank Quote Form
SOP Blank History Options Order Form
SOP Blank History Order Form
SOP Blank Options Order Form
SOP Blank Order Form
SOP Blank History Options Invoice Form
SOP Blank History Invoice Form
SOP Blank Options Invoice Form
SOP Blank Invoice Form
SOP Blank Packing Slip Form
RM Statement on Blank Paper
MC Statement Blank Form
Receivables Sales/Invoices
Receivables Debit Memos
Receivables Finance Charges
Receivables Service/Repairs
Receivables Warranties
Receivables Credit Memo
Receivables Returns
POP Purchase Order Blank Form
POP History Purchase Order Blank Form
POP Purchase Order Rollup Blank Form
POP History Purchase Order Rollup Blank Form
Payable Invoices
Payable Finance Charges
Payable Miscellaneous Charges
Payable Credit Memo
Payable Returns
Check Remittance

and we have saved the best till last top of the new features list is:

1. E-mail Functionality
The new email functionality allows you to embed documents into the body of an email or send as attachments. You can send single documents , batches or multiple document types using lists.
The following document types can be sent in an email and you have the choice of HTML, XPS, PDF or DOCx formats.

Sales quote
Receivables finance charges
Sales order
Receivables warranty
Sales fulfillment order
Receivables service/repair
Sales invoice
Standard purchase order
Receivables invoice
Blanket purchase order
Receivables return
Drop-ship purchase order
Receivables debit memo
Vendor remittances
Receivables credit memo
If this has wet your appetite then keep watching this blog as we will be posting the initial findings of our testing on 2010 soon.

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