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Monday, 7 September 2009

Stuck Batches

Well its Monday morning, the summer holidays are over and we have had to sit on London’s orbital car park (other wise known as the M25) to get to work.
One of the first things we do on a Monday morning is to go through those emails and support cases that have been logged outside of office hours over the weekend. This morning there were three cases all to do with batches being stuck. Therefore I thought a blog on the subject might be of some use.

Since the batch recovery tool was introduced back in version 6 the instances of stuck batches have dramatically reduced , however we still get those annoying loops once in a while where you pick up your batch from batch recovery and it sends you straight back to batch recovery. When this happens your only option is to reset the batch in SQL.
Below is an extract from an article on our online knowledge base that tells you how to deal with this.

If you are one of our clients, you can sign yourself up to our customer portal to access this via the support section of our website ( or simply ask the helpdesk and they will set you up.

Batches should be freed through batch recovery, these steps should only be taken if this is not possible.

1. Make sure you have a current backup of your company database.

2. Go to the SQL Query tool located in your Microsoft SQL Server Program Group.

3. Under DB select the company database you are working with, i.e., TWO is the lesson company.

4. Enter the following query in the query window;UPDATE SY00500 SET MKDTOPST=0, BCHSTTUS=0 WHERE BACHNUMB='XXX'(where XXX is the batch number of the batch you are trying to post).

5. Under DB select the DYNAMICS database and enter the following query;DELETE SY00800 WHERE BACHNUMB='XXX'(where XXX is the batch number of the batch you are trying to post).

6. Verify the accuracy of the transactions.

7. Verify that you can edit and post the batches.

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