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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

What should I back up?

This is not as obvious a question as it would seem.
We are all aware that you will need to backup your Dynamics and Company databases however there are other files which store unique set-up information required to run your dynamics system. Below I have listed these areas:

Sysdata This is the file/folder that stores all your FRx rows, columns and trees along with the FRx registration information.

IM.mdb If you are using Integration Manager, this is the access database that will store all the queries etc. that you set-up within Integration Manager.

Reports.dic This is where any reports that you modify will be stored; you should have an up-to-date copy of this somewhere accessible. In the event that this becomes corrupted you can then replace it.

Forms.dic This is the same as the reports.dic but contains modified windows.

Any files with.dic or .vba extensions These are the dictionaries for any modifications to the third party products and any VBA modifications

Letters folder, if you are using the letter writing wizard then all your templates are held here. This could be local or on the server.

OLE notes. This folder should be on the server and will contain any attachments that you have added to notes in Dynamics.

For further advice please contact the Touchstone helpdesk.

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